Cookie Confessions

Our Happy Customers 🙂

I hate cookies. Wouldn’t eat them when I was a kid, wouldn’t consider eating them now.  So one day, my girlfriend was eating a cookie and said I should try it. The conversation went like this:

“No thanks, I don’t like cookies.”

“But this cookie is really, really good.”

“I’m not hungry.”

“Just try it, here, I’ll break off a piece for you.”

“I don’t want it.”

“You big baby.”

“Okay, give me a piece of the cookie.”

Now, I eat at least one of these cookies every day. They’re almost like little cakes.  The cookie melts in your mouth. It’s sweet, and yet the lime flavor makes it refreshing at the same time. I really like this cookie. You will too. 🙂

~ Don Meier (former cookie hater)

No words needed!

Can you taste the Yumminess? The BEST!!!

I loved them so much I am ordering them as Christmas gifts.

A friend gave me some of your cookies as a gift and they are amazing! I had trouble sharing them with my family and I’ve been dreaming about them ever since! The consistency, texture and flavor are out of this world! A perfect combination of flavors.
- Claudette Miller

every cookie in perfect condition!

The order sent to the Diplomat Resort in Hollywood last weekend arrived without any trouble….every cookie in perfect condition! Everyone who received them loved them…. And I tried more than a few myself. I am not a “key lime fan”, but your cookies are delicious…. Cakey and the lime is light. I would definitely recommend your company to anyone traveling to Florida for an event.
Thank you.
- Cynthia Kougeas

We Love Your Cookies In Korea!

We Love Your Cookies In Korea! Thanks Kim for sending them to our troops in Korea as they are ending their deployment and heading home to the USA. Something nice to remind them of home.

~U.S. Troops Korea
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I just got some Kristi's Key Lime Cookies delivered for my Birthday! Thanks Kimmy! I'll keep my eyes open for the spicy meat-a-ball to follow! Oh No...Here I go gettin fat again!!!

~John Kassir
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Totally Addicting!!!

I can't get enough!!

~Kaira Cook
Towson, MD
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My cookies arrived in the morning and I decided to taste a little nibble...

Pretty soon I’d eaten half the bag for breakfast- I figure it’s mostly the same ingredients that are in pancakes, right? It’s amazing that these cookies can arrive in a box and taste like they came fresh from my mother’s kitchen. What a treat!

~ Lauren
St. Louis, Missouri
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I was lucky enough to be working the day you arrived at Alexander Palms Court I say lucky because…I was presented with a sample of your Kristi’s Key Lime Cookies.

My best friend arrived into town later that night and I shared one of my cookies with her over a cup of tea…we loved, loved, loved it!!! The presentation (which we did not want to open at first, because it is so beautifully packaged) from our first bite to our last we savored each one. You have a very special product here and the personal “little touches” just take it over the top!!!

~ Sandy
Key West, FL
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The Best Gift is the Gift You Want to Keep for Yourself...

Thank you Kim for an amazing treat for our loyal supporters!

~ Ardent Manor Senior Day Care,
Naples, Florida
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Our Favorite Way To Eat...

Our favorite way to eat Kristi’s Key Lime Cookies is with 2% milk. The white chocolate mixed with the key lime and the vanilla wafer base makes it a cookie to say, “Got Milk?” to.

~ The Kessler Family
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This is the 3rd time I’ve ordered...

Your simple gesture of a handwritten note thanking me for my repeat business was overwhelmingly appreciated. Your cookies are delicious, your customer service proves to be as quality and the cookies you make.

Warmest regards,
Mike Conroy
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How cool is this?

We took your cookies to the Artic Circle near the Finland border and loved every bite! Hope we have some left for when we're in Moscow!!!

Brian Galligan
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I’m so happy I found Kristi’s Key Lime Cookies!

As a welcome to our Advisory Team, we wanted a locally owned Florida business to provide a “taste” of what Florida is about.  Kim was a pleasure and easy to work with.  She was able to customize a beautiful tin with our company branding and followed through with beautiful packaging and quick shipping.  Thank you for bringing our vision to life and making remote gift-giving easy during these “COVID” times.

Jenny - ABB Optical 
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We Love Them...

We just can’t get enough of Kristi’s Key Lime Cookies here at our office in Parkville, MD. We LOVE them! They're so addicting and they melt in your mouth. We may have to open a Florida office just to be closer to a cookie supply!

~Jason Griswald's State Farm Office
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I am crazy for these cookies! They are amazing! I got samples for a bride and opened them and ate them myself. Just couldn’t resist!

~ Courtney
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My husband and I have become cookies snobs…

...we will only eat Kristi’s Key Lime Cookies now. Once you taste them you will know why. When our neighbor goes to Naples she loads up and brings them back to us. We are happy now we can order them online and have them shipped right to the house!

~ Barbara Newell,
Indialantic FL
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We can wait to spread the Yumminess!

Thank you Kristi's Key Lime Cookies for such cute & delicious treats for our clients!

~ Smile Dental
Bonita Springs, FL
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all I can say is WOW!

Hi Kim......all I can say is WOW! Cookies came in perfect shape. Of course we had to try one and they are fantastic. Thank you so much for the excellent service. I cannot wait for all the Midwest guests to try these great cookies.

Dave Huseman - Father of the Bride
Tampa, Florida
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